A Few Warning Signs Your Car's Exhaust May Be Leaking

Leaks in the exhaust system in your vehicle are dangerous because this is dangerous gases that need to be carried to the tailpipe and out the back so you aren't breathing them in. Here are two warning signs to look out for.

One sign of exhaust system issue is when you see a big drop in the fuel economy with your vehicle. Even a small hole in the exhaust pipe means the engine must work harder, which requires more fuel to power the engine.

Listen to the tailpipe for a whistling sound, it might be an indication of a pressure issue. Popping sounds or hissing from the engine near the exhaust manifold could mean air is escaping when it should be contained within the pipe network of the exhaust.

If you did identify these warnings signs, visit our service center Land Rover Grand Rapids and our team will find out the source of the concern and make the repairs.

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