Range Rover Ready for Road with the Latest in Automotive Technology

It is no secret that Range Rover leads the automotive industry in new technology innovation. This popular luxury SUV delivers a host of features designed to work together to make your drive safer, more comfortable, and more luxurious than any other ride in Grand Rapids.

Satisfy every passenger in your car with the available Rear Seat Entertainment system. This package offers two 8-inch screens built into the back of the front headrests. Or you can choose 10-inch high-definition seat-mounted articulating touchscreens for a bigger and more immersive experience. The comprehensive system comes equipped with wireless headphones, USB and HDMI ports for compatible devices, and remote control.

The unique voice recognition system allows you to complete tasks while keeping your eyes safely on the road in front of you. The Range Rover's intelligent voice recognition can carry out a myriad of commands such as radio station tuning instructions, calling prompts, and much more.

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