Understanding Mufflers and Exhausts

Mufflers and exhausts work in a tandem system inside your engine. While the primary function of an exhaust system is to reduce the noise coming from your car, it also serves the equally important task of filtering harmful substances out of your exhaust before it leaves the engine.

Gases from your engine are collected in the exhaust manifold. Your engine has a variety of sensors that detect oxygen levels in these gases before sending them on to the catalytic converter, where they receive further filtering. Finally, the leftover air reaches the muffler, which dampens the noise, providing a much more pleasant experience for both car occupants and those nearby.

Keeping this system functioning properly is a vital part of maintaining your vehicle. A malfunctioning exhaust system can lower your fuel efficiency, costing you more money at the pump, in addition to the pollutants it releases into the atmosphere. If you suspect your exhaust system needs a checkup, be sure to stop by Land Rover Grand Rapids in Grand Rapids, MI, where we're happy to give your car a thorough inspection.

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