What are Brake Pads?

Each wheel has a brake rotor, which enables the wheel to turn. Brake rotors also have an accompanying brake caliper that applies pressure to the rotor when you step on the brakes. However, the amount of force and friction required to stop the rotor and the wheel is so great, that a pad between the two parts is necessary to prevent possible damage. The amount of force that pads endure causes natural wear over time.

When brake pads become too worn to provide the much needed cushioning, drivers may notice a squealing noise when applying the brakes. Other indications of worn brake pads include an increased difficulty in getting the vehicle to slow or stop. In either case, a qualified Land rover Grand Rapids technician should inspect the vehicle to determine the underlying problem. As different types of vehicles have unique braking systems, at Land rover Grand Rapids technicians will know what type is best for your vehicle. Schedule your appointment today!

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