Poor Alignment Can Cause Excessive Tire Wear

Tires can be an expensive purchase, and their reliability and performance is critical to the operation and safety of your vehicle. The last thing a driver wants is to have to replace tires more often than necessary, or drive a vehicle with worn out tires that could put them in danger. If you notice that you are wearing down your tires much quicker than the mileage on them would indicate, bring them into Land Rover Grand Rapids in Grand Rapids, MI so we can check for proper tire alignment.

A very common sign of alignment problems is faster than normal tread wear. You may notice that one side is wearing down faster than the other, or that they are wearing relatively evenly but much quicker than they should be. This is caused by the drifting that poorly aligned cars experience while driving.

We can determine if realignment is needed quickly at Land Rover Grand Rapids and if your tires are still in good working order. Our number one priority is to keep you safe, and help you save money.

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