Keep your Passengers Limited to Keep Them Safe

Here at Land Rover Grand Rapids, we want you, passengers, to stay safe. In fact, nothing is more important to us, and the same should go for you! To help keep people informed on safe driving practices, we have compiled some of our favorite tips for staying distraction-free on the road. Always keep these facts in mind on the road.

Keep a tab on just how many people are getting into your car. As a rule of thumb, you should never have more people than you have seats. It may seem like a given, but all too often, people, especially those younger than twenty-three, will cram as many people into a car as they can. What seems like an ingenious, time-saving feat is actually a recipe for disaster, and you should avoid engaging in this activity at all costs. Always look for compromises first. Maybe ride-sharing, or a friend with a ride of their own, can come to your weekend's rescue?

For more tips, feel free to come to see us down at Land Rover Grand Rapids.

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