Tips for Cleaning Your Wheels and Tires the Right Way

The ideal way to clean your wheels and tires is to pre-soak them for a few minutes with a cleaning product that is specifically manufactured for wheels and tires. A car cleaning product is never a good idea because it can actually destroy certain wheels and cause your tires to become dry-rotted. After soaking the wheel and tire for a few minutes, gently scrub them with a brush, then immediately rinse away the dirt.

After cleaning to your satisfaction, use a clean cloth to dry them both. Wipe the wheels to remove any water spots, and apply an appropriate lubricating solution to the tire. If desired, a wheel shining product can also be used; however, it’s generally not necessary if the cleaning product contains the same ingredient.

Contact Land Rover Grand Rapids parts department about the specific products to use for wheels and tires. Remember, our service center is located in Grand Rapids for your car repair needs!

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