Auto-Dimming Rearview Mirrors & How They Work

If you’ve ever driven at night with another car behind you, you know how their headlights can blind you and decrease your vision even after the other car leaves the road. Auto-dimming rearview mirrors can make night driving a lot easier. At Land Rover Grand Rapids, we want you to be an informed driver who understands the importance of auto-dimming rearview mirrors.

The auto-dimming mirror, also known as the electrochromic mirror, not only fights glare but also darkens the mirror so you can see better. It helps eliminate the “Troxler Effect”, which is a blinding effect you get from staring at the blinding headlights behind you. This technology has made night driving much safer.

If you still need more information on these innovative mirrors or would like information on how to have one installed, call us or stop at our Grand Rapids, MI store. While you’re there, take a vehicle out for a test drive.

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