Full Spa -- $199.99
Large Spa* -- $249.99

*All SUV's and Full-Size Trucks

Express Spa -- $79.99
Exterior hand wash
Bug and Tar removal
Clean door jambs
Clean wheels and dress tires
Light wax
Clean interior and exterior glass
Lightly clean all dash and front row

Interior Spa -- $99.99
Clean interior glass
Vacuum interior and trunk
Clean and Condition leather and vinyl
Clean interior upholstery
Clean headliner
Small stain removal
Shampoo carpets

Exterior Spa -- $99.99
Hand wash
Bug and Tar removal
Clean engine compartment
Clean hood and trunk gutters
Clean door jambs
Clean exterior glass
Clean wheals and dress tires
Hand wax
Ceramic Spa -- $500-$1000*
Includes all items from Full/Large Spa
Includes three stage buff
Ceramic protection applied to paint, rims, and windshield
Protects against brake dust build up on rims, rail dust, sap and environmental fallout
Provides 12-18 months of paint protection

*Price based on inspection.
A La Carte*
Rim cleaning with ceramic protectant -- $79.99
Professional headlight restoration -- $89.99
Ceramic windshield protectant -- $59.99
Windshield chip repair -- $49.99 (one chip), $29.99 (additional chips)
Detail Add-Ons*
Interior deodorizer** -- $49.99
Dual stage exterior buffing -- $120
Three stage exterior buffing -- $180
Windshield chip repair -- $49.99 (one chip), $29.99 (additional chips)

*These items cannot be added to Express Spa.
**Requires Interior or Full/Large Spa.

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