Off-Road Group

The Fun Begins Where the Pavement Ends

A Land Rover is capable of more than you can ever imagine. If you haven't ventured off the pavement, you are missing out on a ton of fun!

Throughout the year, Land Rover Grand Rapids will offer off-roading events where you can experience the capabilities of your vehicle. If you are new to off-roading, attending one of the Land Rover Grand Rapids' Off-Road Events is just what you need. Our Team can take you from zero experience through an enjoyable process where you acquire the skills and confidence in your vehicle and yourself to make four-wheel driving a great and exciting part of your family's lifestyle. We will show you the capabilities of a Land Rover and why it is the best 4X4XFAR.

It was through these events that a Facebook Group was formed to bring together Land Rover Off-Roading enthusiasts in Michigan. The Facebook Group, moderated by Land Rover Grand Rapids' Team Members, was established to share off-roading experiences and knowledge with you!

All Land Rover off-road enthusiasts are welcome to join the Land Rover Grand Rapids Off-Roading Group. We encourage you to share your favorite trails and off-road parks. Pictures are encouraged! Please no promotions, spam, or items for sale.

Land Rover Grand Rapids Off-Roading Facebook Group